Quick steps to choose a suitable spectacle frame for your pretty face

Quick tips to select the frame size



Want to buy a new frame for your friend?? How do you select the size?

Today I have the quickest tips for those who want to buy frames for others.

If you closely look at the Shell or plastic frames, there are few numbers written on the side of the temples.


Temples: Distance from the centre of the barrel screw to the end of the part which goes behind your ear


DBL: Distance between both the lenses. Also called bridge size.


Distance between lenses

Lens size: The horizontal length of each lens is called lens size

Lens size


These values are generally mentioned in the temple of the spectacle.

Numbers on temple

All the readings in the above picture are in millimetres. 50 indicates Lens size, 18 indicates the distance between the lenses. The rectangular box in between the numbers is to denote the system they used to denote those values. That can be ignored as of now. 140 indicates the size of the temple.
Cool! Right!


Just take a picture of the numbers on the old frames or call them up and ask for the numbers. You can buy the exactly proper fit frames.



System for ophthalmic dispensing, Third edition,  by Clifford W.brooks, Irvin M. Borisch