Fitting assessment of various contact lenses

At present, Contact lenses have become the best alternative for glasses. Hence proper fitting of the contact lenses is important to make sure that there wont be any harm to the eye and visual health. Different types of contact lenses have different Fitting procedures. The most common types of contact lenses are Soft spherical and Soft toric and Rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

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Dynamic Retinoscopy Methods

Dynamic retinoscopy is also called Near Retinoscopy because it is done while the patient is focusing on a near target(In accommodated state). The main purpose of Dynamic Retinoscopy is to find out the accommodative response of the patient(lag or lead or normal). There are different methods of performing Dynamic Retinoscopy.

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Working Distance Calculations in Retinoscopy

Static Retinoscopy can be done in two ways; using a working distance (WD) lens in front of the patient’s eye or without it.

A working distance lens is used to compensate for the distance between the examiner and the patient’s eye. Usually, the working distance is taken as arm length i.e 66cm (+1.50DS)

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