Tetrachromats – A 100 million Colors

Human tetrachromats?

Though it is a normal phenomenon in several species of Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians and some Mammals, Tetrachromacy is a prodigy in Humans.
Generally, we have 3 colour channels i. e, L, M, S cones responsible for colour vision. But having an extra channel leads to a perceptual difference altogether. This is a rare feet but the literature suggests that almost 12% of women may have this supervision due to a mutation on the X chromosome. If a trichromat can appreciate 1 million colours than a tetrachromat can appreciate 100 million colours.

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In 2014 an artist Concetta Antico (@concettaantico) with this ability shared her arts and supernatural experiences of perceiving colours with the minute detailing as shown in pictures. She is a world-renowned tetrachromat artist. Go through her youtube channel and website for more insights.

Concetta Antica
Credits: Concetta Antica