How to get into a clinical internship in optometry?

Hello Optoms, here I am with another article on a few simple FAQs regarding clinical internships. If you have joined Bachelors in Optometry, there will be a one-year mandatory clinical internship in the final year. This article will help you with the questions you’ve before starting your clinical internship.

Optometry clinical internship

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How to run a project effectively?

Hello people, Hope you have read my recent article on Project Kickstarter Manual, If not go check it out.  Once you have selected a research topic, it is also essential that you manage and work on it effectively to finish in time. Here are a few simple tips which I learnt during my project days. Hope this will help to keep you motivated on running a project successfully.

How to run a project successfully

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Best ways to keep you updated with eye and vision research

If you want to be a researcher in future, it is very important that you stay updated with the current research going on in your areas of interest, organisations that offer good research positions and attending and participating continuous medical educations(conferences, seminars and workshops). I know, getting motivated to open journals, websites or magazines to read random things and search your area of interest is very difficult. I have a few simple tips that will make you excited to explore research.

Eye research
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Project Kickstarter Manual

Worried about selecting a graduation project?

I have seen students doing a literature review over and over on multiple topics and remain undecided when they have to pinpoint a single topic. This is not because of a lack of interest or focus but due to overthinking. They are too worried that they think of multiple things. But while working on multiple things, their way of thinking becomes too broad and they will be confused. I have also seen students waiting for the inspiration to select a topic and for most of the students, inspiration is the anxiety before one day of topic submission to their supervisor. So here are a few suggestions to select a graduation project.

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Future in Optometry

Are you into Optometry?

I have been a small-town girl till my Intermediate and had joined Optometry because I couldn’t get into MBBS like many other students. My family saw this as a better opportunity than a common degree or a paid MBBS. I have passed out Integrated Masters in Optometry and Vision Sciences recently and was astonished by the ample of opportunities waiting for us. I never regretted making the decision to join in Optometry. Not just finishing the course with good grades I had also learned a lot of life lessons during this period of my life.

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