How to find a full-text article?

Hello, Young Researchers!

I’m back with another interesting article. When someone is starting their career in research, the most common research block they would face was finding a full-text article. It might seem very simple to the experienced persons, but a nightmare to the young students. I felt the same when I was doing a literature review for the graduation project. Hence I thought this topic would be of immense help to the young researchers.

Finding a full-text article

When you find an abstract of an article, follow these simple steps to find it’s full-text. The first step is to check if it is from Open Access Journals. Some journals are completely free and give open access to everyone. Check if your article is from one such journal. If it is, then it’s very simple, click on the journal’s website and download the full-text article. If the article is not from an open access journal, then we need to find alternatives. Sci-hub is the first pirate website in the world to provide mass and public access to millions of research papers and books. It bypasses the paywalls of the publishers. It has several websites. Only a few of them function at one time. These are the most commonly used websites.

The currently available links were mentioned on this website.

If you are associated with an institution, you can try using your library internet connection and check the journal website. Because, if the library has access to some journals, they will make them accessible to all their internet users sometimes. If you still did not get the article, you can always contact your librarian and ask if they have a subscription to your desired journal. If yes, they would share the full-text with you.

Some authors do post their full-text article on ResearchGate and You can create an account and browse them. If the authors did not post their full-text articles, you can request them through the same websites. They would be happy to share it. If the authors are not on these websites, you can e-mail them and ask for the full-text article.

If you know any other ways of finding a full-text, let me know in the comments section.